My No ‘Poo Experience: The Transition

Ah, friends. The time has come. You deserve to know the truth.

I’m kind of a hippie.

It’s not something I’m ashamed of by any means. I wear used clothing. I don’t always use deodorant, but when I do it’s homemade.  I use only the best therapeutic grade essential oils.

Ready for this one?

I don’t use shampoo.

Would you call me crazy if I told you that your commercial shampoo is what’s making your hair so greasy/frizzy/flaky?

My No ‘Poo Journey

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I don’t use product in it too often. I don’t blow dry unless I’m in a big hurry. I only used conditioner every 3 times I washed my hair. An “undo” in my book is a low ponytail.

I started questioning what was going into my body about 2 years ago, which will be a lifelong journey. Only recently did I start thinking about what was going onto my body.

Just like the things that we put into our body (food, meds, etc), the things we put onto our body (hair product, make-up, lotions) get into our bloodstream.

How I Clean My Hair

Baking Soda=Shampoo
Apple Cider Vinegar=Conditioner

The logistics of going No ‘Poo can be tricky. I keep two jars under my bathroom sink, one for each. Then, I have two clear ketchup bottles, the ones with a nozzle squirt top in the shower with me. Before I get into the shower, I’ll put about 1 T. baking soda in one bottle, and about 1-2 T. of ACV in the other, leaving the lids off.

Once I’m in the shower, I will fill both bottles up about halfway with hot water. Shake. Putting the spout to my head, I squirt the baking soda mixture all over my head, rubbing it in just like I would shampoo, but without the suds (suds do not equal clean, not with shampoo, soap, or toothpaste–companies started adding ingredients to these things just so we felt “clean”). Rinse well.

After the baking soda is rinsed, I apply the ACV mixture to the length and ends of my hair (not the roots!). I then twist my hair up, clip it to my head until the end of my shower.

At the end, rinse very well! You will know if you haven’t rinsed well because your hair will smell like vinegar all day!

Transition & Frequency

I started this regimen about 5 weeks ago. I would go no ‘poo twice, then use my commercial products. Not everyone does this, but I felt a transition was best for me.

This transition phase lasted about 3 weeks for me. For the last 2 weeks, I have been solely using the natural cleaning method.

As for frequency, I usually shower every other day (if I don’t workout/sweat). The same is true of washing my hair, but I go 3 days, sometimes 4. One days that I shower, but don’t need to clean my hair I will either (a) clip it up and leave it dry or (b) wet it and scrub my scalp with my fingers (no products at all).

If I am more active, and needing to clean my hair more frequently, I don’t use the ACV every time. I have found with my hair that if I use it more often than every 2 days, my hair loses its volume and lays pretty flat.

This method doesn’t work for everyone. There are variations that seem to work better, like including some essential oil in the mixture. It is working for me so far. I am saving money. I am keeping unnecessary chemicals from entering my body.

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**Update: This method ended up not working for me. I realized after making my own deodorant with baking soda, that I react to baking soda. Which explained the rash on my scalp and neck and shoulders while using this method. I now use a shampoo bar, made my JR Liggett.

Have you tried going No ‘Poo? What was your experience?

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