The dream of one day having my own online shop first came about a couple years ago. People would tell me to open a shop, and it sounded fun, but until recently I didn’t have the time or knowledge to commit to selling products from my home.

Generous Provisions is a shop on Etsy, an online marketplace for all things vintage and homemade (totally my style!). My husband actually came up with the name.

So, what does Generous Provisions mean and stand for? First, the provisions- most of what I sell in my store are things I use in my own home. The passion for simple, homemade items started long ago. Something unique, something special.

Generous because most of my products make fabulous gifts. That was the natural next step after I started making my own products, give them away. My family and friends found themselves recipients of my latest homemade product year after year. And I think your loved ones will enjoy them as much as mine have. Be generous, give abundantly.

I have no doubt you’ll find something you will love or a simple, thoughtful gift they would adore.

Generous Provisions, gifts for them, essentials for you.