Natural Deodorant Tips

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I left conventional deodorant at the door a long time ago. Okay, not actually at the door, but out of my life. The ingredients were too hairy (ha) for me. This last year, I’ve become more aware of what was going on my body, so it was time to rethink what was going in my pits.

We shouldn’t really stink, at least not daily. Instances in which it’s normal for us to stink: after working all day in the field (or maybe just spending an hour at the gym) or after not washing for several days. Our society is so mixed up and covered up with synthetic fragrances, we don’t even know what we’re supposed to smell like anymore. With that said, I’ve tried at least 4 homemade versions and a “natural” store bought deodorant that haven’t worked for me. When I say “haven’t worked for me”, I mean I’ve dealt with the following issues:

Baking soda made my armpits peel.
Bentonite clay stained my clothes.
I am stinkier when I use deodorant than when I don’t.
I literally smell like onions after I eat them.

So, here are some tips, tricks, recipes, and things to think about it when it comes to your scent.

This Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant is the only deodorant I can use now.

Digging Deeper, Tips, & Tricks

Food Intolerance There is a school of thought out there that supports the idea that when our body cannot digest and assimilate foods properly, we will smell. Some people believe that lactose (a sugar found in dairy products) causes people to put off odors, but it may just be true for those whose body cannot tolerate dairy. You may have an intolerance that you’re unaware of. Try cutting dairy or wheat out of your diet for a minimum of two weeks and see what happens. I’ve never been diagnosed with any intolerance, but when I have been eating strictly Paleo, and start eating dairy and wheat again, my tummy disagrees with me and I see more facial breakouts.

Hormonal Imbalance Body odor could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance.

Replace arrowroot powder for any recipe calling for baking soda and/or cornstarch. It seems that fewer people have reactions to arrowroot compared to the other two.

Go without deodorant. If it’s just a normal day around the house or at work, go without deodorant. Most commercial deodorants inhibit sweating, which releases toxins from our body, in doing so, it masks our smell. I get it, you don’t want to stink, but if you sweat and don’t stink, then that’s a sign things are good.

Sugar Sugar is not good for us, and I’m not just referring to white sugar. I’m talking all forms of sugar, yes, even the sugar found in fruit. Cut your sugar intake and see how much better you’ll smell.

What I’m Doing Now

Essential Oils I’m using diluted oils in place of deodorant. I’ve tried lemon, lavender, and an immune-boosting blend that smells like apple pie, yum! I’m mixing these oils with the homemade deodorant I currently have.

16. Magnesium Many people believe this mineral, or a lack thereof, causes us to stink. I use this Magnesium Spray every night before bed. 

17. Probiotics There are several ways to increase the good bacteria in your gut (think fermented foods…sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt). Kombucha is a fermented tea, and contains live and active bacteria that is beneficial to your gut. We drink it several times a week and take this supplement.

Do you smell (it’s okay, I do most days too. We’ll figure it out together.)? What natural actions have you taken to combat your scent?

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