How to Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are often abused--add more water and oils every time you want to use it. To keep them lasting longer, it's important to keep them clean. Learn how to quick and deep clean your diffuser! // The Ezer Wife

I treat my essential diffuser like my car. I want to enjoy the benefits of having it, but don’t want to put in the work of caring for it. Seriously, what’s the big deal about stopping for gas? I have the hardest time doing it. And keeping the thing clean–it’s a conscious decision on my part. I really need to stop waiting until the very last mile to get ┬áthe oil changed too.

Same with my diffuser. I fill it up with water, add my favorite oils, let it do its thing, then it sits there until I’m ready to use it again. Sometimes I don’t even dump out the remaining water before adding more and my other favorite oils.

This has got to stop.

Why Clean Your Diffuser?

For one, the tank is discolored and while this may not pose a immediate threat to the life of the diffuser a discolored tank is ugly. If too much residue builds up in the tank and mist vent though, the diffuser will have to work harder to get the oils out and this will shorten the life of the diffuser.

Secondly, since the tip of the mist vent is often wet from water and possibly sticky from essential oil residue, dust and other particles will collect. And again, the diffuser will have to work harder, shortening the life of this amazing essential oil accessory.

Last, if the residue of essential oils is left in the diffuser, your aromatherapy experience will be tainted. If yesterday I was diffusing peppermint and wild orange for an uplifting experience and tonight I need vetiver and lavender to work their magic for a good night’s sleep, you can bet there is still peppermint and orange in that tank. By the way, I also LOVE using magnesium oil for a great rest.

A quick, regular cleaning after each use and a monthly deep cleaning will significantly prolong the life of your diffuser. And since I’m all about saving money, a few minutes of my time in exchange for the experience of aromatherapy everyday is worth it.

By the way, I have three diffusers. One of which came from the essential oil company I prefer and is honestly my favorite. One reason is just how easy it is to clean. Contact me for more information. After 3 years of frequent use I can say I’ve never had an issue with my first–I don’t really like the way it looks anymore, but whatever. Apparently it’s so old I can’t even find it anymore to share. And this diffuser was the one that made the cross-country move with us. I love it and love even more that the company sent me a replacement part for free after it got left behind in a hotel in Utah.

Essential oil diffusers are often abused--add more water and oils every time you want to use it. To keep them lasting longer, it's important to keep them clean. Learn how to quick and deep clean your diffuser! // The Ezer Wife

How to Quick-Clean Your Diffuser

Please note that every diffuser is different so before following my general instructions I highly recommend you read the manual for your specific diffuser. If you don’t have the copy that came with it, you can probably find it online.

  1. Always unplug diffuser before cleaning.
  2. Remove any water by pouring it from the back, to avoid getting any water on operating buttons.
  3. Never use harsh cleaners as they’ll deteroriate the plastic. Using a mild soap on a cotton cloth or pad, gently wipe out the inside and outside of diffuser. Use a cotton swab dipped in water or rubbing alcohol to clean the mist chip found in the bottom of the water tank.
  4. Use the same cloth or cotton swab to wipe down any upper attachments, mist tips, etc.
  5. Rinse with warm water and dry.

How to Deep Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser

To keep the diffuser working well, a deep clean is necessary every month or so (if your diffuser is used daily, a monthly deep clean is definitely needed).

  1. Fill tank halfway with water.
  2. Add 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar.
  3. Allow diffuser to run for at least 5 minutes so vinegar can be dispersed throughout diffuser.
  4. Follow above steps of wiping down every surface of diffuser with a cloth dipped in vinegar (no soap necessary).
  5. Drain, rinse, and wipe dry.

Following the steps laid out to quick and deep clean your diffuser will prolong the life of this awesome essential oil accessory!┬áStarting this routine now will prevent your diffuser from getting major build-up. Admittedly, one of my diffusers has been in use for over three years and I never, no not once, gave it a deep cleaning. You can probably guess which one it is from the pictures above. If you also waited too long to clean your diffuser, I recommend using a cotton swab dipped in vinegar and then baking soda to remove the excess build-up and oil stains from diffuser. As long as you keep up with the quick- and deep-cleaning you won’t have to use baking soda again.

Now, before you go fill the tank for an afternoon pick-me-up, give your diffuser the gift of your time and clean that baby!


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